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Support - Answers to commonly asked questions.
Q. ~ Why does my woodstove smoke when I open the door?

A. ~ Smoke spillage can be caused by many factors; however, the most common cause of smoke spillage is poor chimney design. Ways to reduce spillage include but are not limited to, keeping the chimney inside the building when installing, ensuring that the chimney's size is matched with the stove, ensuring that you are burning properly dried seasoned cordwood, and ensuring that you do not have a significant source of negative pressure in the home.

Q. ~ Can I use a gas fireplace in the event of a power outage?

A. ~ A gas fireplace does not need electrical power to run. You can use the unit in case of a power outage; however, the fan or blower in the fireplace will not function. You will still benefit from radiant heat from the unit, but convection heat will not be possible unless you have a backup source of electricity such as a gas generator.

Q. ~ I am thinking of purchasing a pellet stove, can it be vented strait-out of the wall?

A. ~ Although this practice was considered acceptable in the past, our view on this type of installation is that it should not be done. A strait-out of the wall installation does not provide for any draw in case of a power outage. A proper installation should consist of a 5-foot vertical rise before going outside. Once outside, a proper termination cap should be used.